Rawene and Clendon House | Licenced To Retire
A couple of months ago an email arrived from the social media manager of Landmarks Whenua Tohunga who had come across my blog on various motorhome sites and asked me if I would like to write about some of the lessor known places that Landmarks Whenua Tohunga look after in Northland. Thinking that this would also be a great excuse to get away and visit some spots we might not have visited I agreed to take the assignment. The plan was that I would visit these places and write my usual blog about what we experienced in the area, where we stayed and what we thought of each of the historic places that we visited. History was never my strong point at school so that's perhaps why some of these places were never on my radar to visit. Some of them I had driven past the road sign pointing to the place numerous times and never thought to stop. Now after these visits I wish I had taken that side road and experienced these places. The first site we visited was Clendon house in Rawene, but before we