Dargaville | Licenced To Retire
The NZMCA Park in Dargaville has been open for a few months and a couple of my fellow bloggers have posted about the place, so we knew it was going to be a handy stopping point for the night on our way to Rawene on a visit to a couple of places that Heritage New Zealand have asked me to write about in some up coming blogs. As we have our motorhome stored in Kumeu we decided that we would take "State Highway 16" on our way north. I have State Highway in quotation marks because I seriously question how it can be called a State Highway at all. The condition of the road is absolutely terrible with large parts of the road missing the top seal making for a very rough ride. But by far the worst part on the road was the number of subsidence events and uneven surface areas that are on the road that really had me questioning when they last did some serious maintenance to the road. Oh and don't get stuck behind a logging truck or big motorhome either because there are no passing lanes for the