Getting things done! | Licenced To Retire
Having to spend some time at home whilst we get my mother settled into her assisted living apartment has meant that there is time to get a few things sorted on the motorhome. Firstly when we drove back to Auckland from Gisborne through the Waiweka Gorge and picked up one of those dreaded stone chips in the windscreen. When Sarah and I had the car rental company we used Gavin from the Crack Specialists for all the screen repairs that the fleet needed so a quick call to Gavin and we arranged for him to meet us at the new North West shopping centre where there was plenty of parking and space for him to work. All sorted in next to no time. So if you need a chip in your screen fixed and you are in Auckland give Gavin a call on 021 844 885 he is a mobile service and will come to you. Next on the agenda is to get the Fiat recall sorted (see blog) 7 weeks ago we took the motorhome to Andrew Simms in Botany for what I thought would be the recall sorted but what actually happened was they