A guide to buying your first motorhome | Licenced To Retire
Because we had to come home unexpectedly from the trip to the East Cape I thought I would put this article together. It's been banging round in my head for a while and with summer approaching rapidly now seemed like a good time to write this. Sounds simple like any fool could do this, but actually there is far more to buying your first motorhome than you might expect. There are some choices that might seem obvious at the start of the process but you might be surprised by how these change as you navigate the purchase of the motorhome. This article is dedicated more to the novice buyer. It's quite a minefield out there with so many choices available so many different sizes and so many different layouts, not to mention price so where is the best place to start. The first word you probably need to learn is compromise, this is because it's almost impossible to fit a travelling house into something between 6 and 10 metres long. So any choice you make will most likely involve a compromise of