Gisborne And Viewing Number One | Licenced To Retire
Leaving the NZMCA Park in Te Araroa Sarah and I were undecided which way to head with the weather forecast still not good we thought maybe we would just head home. So after a quick visit to the local dump station which involved crossing a ford (read flooded road) we headed back towards Opotiki. But as you can do in a motorhome we changed our minds just a few kms up the road and decided to turn around and head for Gisborne and then onto Napier to catch up with some friends. Given the amount of rain that had fallen and how strong the wind had been the previous night I was actually rather worried about driving at all. The drive to Gisborne was however uneventful with no issues on the road at all. If you don't count driving through constant rain as an issue. But at least there was no more flooding or trees or slips on the road. We arrived at the NZMCA Park in Gisborne and were surprised by both the size and location. The camp is huge although a lot of the space is a large grassed area