A Very Wet Park Opening @ Te Araroa | Licenced To Retire
Leaving the wonderful camping area of Maraenui vowing to return sooner rather than later we headed off in our convoy of three towards Te Araroa and the reason for our trip the opening of the new NZMCA Park there. With Dave and Nita leading the way us in the middle and Den and Bren bringing up the rear I wondered how traffic behind us would feel. Den however dropped back so that traffic would not face three motorhomes one in front of the other and Dave and I made sure we pulled over whenever we had someone behind us. I actually think we did a really good job of not slowing things to much. The East Coast Road is so much different than the two of us remember, last time we came this way over 20 years ago, we remember seeing nothing but "Keep Out"and "Private Property" signs as well as a large proportion of rundown ramshackle housing of which there was almost none on this drive. A really noticeable difference. You know you aren't on State Highway 1 when the road narrows to one lane but