Heading East Via Opotiki | Licenced To Retire
Leaving ANZAC bay was going to be hard after two wonderful days exploring the area and it was only late on the last day that we heard about the caves located at the bottom of the cliffs below the Pa. With this in mind we decided that we would explore these before we left the area. Walking back up the hill to the Pa we had been told that there was a set of steps leading down to the caves but had no idea where they were. Quite by chance I spotted them, as there are no signs pointing to them. It's a fairly steep walk down to the beach with the steps almost vertical at one point. Reaching the bottom we discovered that as it was high tide no caves where accessible although we did find the crack in the rocks (photo above). Rather disappointing that we hadn't known earlier otherwise we could have timed it better. Maybe some signage by the council would help things. Figuring that if we couldn't see the caves at the bottom we could at least see the view from the trig station at the top of the