On the road again | Licenced To Retire
After a couple of months hibernating during winter cabin fever was beginning to take hold and it was time to hit the road again. We had been in contact with Dave and Nita who we had met on our South Island trip and they suggested a meet up at the opening of the new NZMCA camp to be opened shortly in Te Araroa on the East Cape. Before we could hit the road however there was a project that had to be completed. When we first purchased our motorhome we purchased one that was already here in New Zealand rather than ordering a new one from Germany. This meant that we had to live with the rather bland brown and tan seat covers that came with the van. So a couple of weeks ago we hit Spotlight to look at new fabric and after much discussion between the two of us we found a fabric that both of us where happy with. Just to test things out we purchased 4 metres to start with there was some confusion over the price with two tags attached to the roll. One showing $34.95 and the other $39.95 a check