The rise of Euro Motorhomes at $250,000+ | Licenced To Retire
The explosion of people buying motorhomes and joining the NZMCA has brought with it a parallel rise in the number of makes and models of motorhomes being offered for sale. There are brands for sale in New Zealand now that where completely unheard of just a few years ago. Plus there are still new brands being launched into the market on a regular basis. One of the things I found really interesting when Sarah and I started looking at replacing our motorhome in 2017 is just how many of these vans are now available with a price tag in excess of $250,000. I thought it would make a very interesting blog to look at what's on offer in the market. Starting with the European manufactures I have chosen to list the models in alphabetical order. Carthago S Plus First stop was RnRV in Silverdale Auckland to catch up with Paul and his team to view what is the most expensive motorhome on this list @$394,990 which brings the obvious question, what do I get for my money? This is actually not such a