Camping – Shakespear Regional Park | Licenced To Retire
It was one of those will we or won't we Monday morning's when the weather really didn't know quite what it wanted to do. In the end I decided I will and Sarah decided she wouldn't, she wanted to continue working on the new seat covers for our motorhome. So it was left to me to get myself up to Shakespear Regional Park and check it out for this blog and as a place for future visits. The peninsular that is Whangaparoa, is situated about 40 kms north of the Auckland CBD. When I met Sarah 30 years ago it was still dominated by holiday baches one of which her family have owned since 1962. So it's rather sad to see the extensive housing that makes it just another suburb of Auckland today. Urban spread gone wild! However once you reach the end of the road and arrive at Shakespear Regional Park it's almost like being magically transported to another part of New Zealand as the houses disappear and rolling farm land takes their place. Auckland City Council is actually the largest farmer in the