Memories of a Motorhomer | Licenced To Retire
This week I realised that it's 40 years since I first purchased a caravan and adopted or at least partially adopted the gypsy lifestyle. So I thought I would dedicate this blog to some of my memories in the hope that it might jog memories in some of the other people that read it. I have lifted some photos from Google as I don't have any myself that cover a lot of the early period. Back in 1978 at the age of 20 with my then partner Sue we purchased a caravan from Bryan Jackson Ltd . Brian was a real character in the industry who when he had difficulty importing caravans from England ended up copying the floor plans and constructing them here as Jackson caravans. At one time Jackson was the largest seller of caravans in New Zealand. If I had been able to join the NZMCA at that point, my member number would be somewhere round 1400-1600 instead of the number 18180 that we got when we joined in 2002. it's just amazing to think that the numbers are now well past 80,000. I know I could not