Camping – Wenderholm Regional Park | Licenced To Retire
On what was another stunning Auckland winters day we decided it was time to explore all that the regional park in Wenderholm and it's surrounds had to offer. First though was a quick pit stop in Albany to look at some upholstery fabric as we are thinking of personalising the lounge seats in the motorhome. Coming out of the Albany Mega Centre we noticed a number of motorhomes parked in the Hooton Reserve parking area and despite clear signage stating there is no camping in the area people had and obviously were camping there. Some of these campers looked very well established, like they had been there for some time. In fact when I researching the place online I found a Stuff article from early 2016 talking about the Freedom Campers setting up long term at this reserve. When we got home I checked all of the major camping apps but none of these appear to list this as an area that is available for camping, however a number people are obviously doing so. With this in mind you can make