Camping – Cornwallis – Auckland | Licenced To Retire
It was one of those winter days in Auckland that reminds you that sometimes it's not such a bad place to live. Clear blue skies combined with a warmer day than we had been having making the chance to get out and about an exciting prospect. A few weeks ago I damaged the rotator cuff in my right shoulder making driving difficult so today it was out and about with Sarah as the chauffeur. We planned to visit Cornwallis on the Manukau Harbour and the Auckland Council camping areas around there. Then if time permits head to Whatipu on the wild West Coast and have a stroll along the beach. With my youngest son Richard not working today we also picked him up for some parent - son time whilst we visited the area. Getting to Cornwallis is a fairly simple process. Heading west out of Auckland city it's about a 30 minute drive to get to the Titirangi Village and from there a further 15kms of fairly windy road to the beach/camp. The camping area is really nothing more than a carpark area