The Fiat Recall | Licenced To Retire
When we purchased our motorhome last year I was made aware of the warranty offered by Dethleffs who manufactured it. This covered both the inside and water ingress (water leaks) for a certain period of time. I was also told that the mechanical components of the vehicle are covered by the Fiat worldwide warranty. Having worked in the motor industry for many years I just assumed that when I purchased the motorhome that our details would be passed onto Fiat and the warranty would be automatically registered. Turns out this is not the case, to have your motorhome registered with Fiat they require a copy of the registration papers so they have all of your correct details. During our travels around the country we came across many other motorhome owners a lot of these driving a Fiat based vehicle. In fact I have be told that 85% of all motorhome sales in Europe are built on a Fiat chassis. I don't know how many people we spoke to during our 4 months in the South Island but it certainly was a