Camping – West Auckland – Tui Glen | Licenced To Retire
It's funny how things can be so close to home and you never get to visit a certain place, so it is with Tui Glen (#1038) the NZMCA Camp in West Auckland. I first became aware of the camp in the 1980's when I lived and worked just a few kms away and it was a working campsite. I used to cycle past it every week when I went to do banking in Henderson. However in those days there was no need to visit. Later in the early 2000's when we purchased our first motorhome we would head away on a regular basis out of Auckland. Then when we returned the motorhome would be stored just a few kms away from the camp at Tui Glen. There was no desire to travel the short distance to stay in Henderson when there where so many other parts of the country to explore. After I posted my blog about camping in Downtown Auckland I realised that for the people reading my blog there is a desire to learn about where to stay in Auckland. This is especially the case given the few places that you can stay in Auckland. So