Camping – Downtown Auckland – Z Pier | Licenced To Retire
From time to time Sarah and I have seen Facebook posts about people either wanting to stay in or close to downtown Auckland. Some have managed to find their way to Z Pier in Westhaven just to the west of the Viaduct area but very few people seem to know about it. With this in mind we decided that since it's close to home we would incorporate a visit here with a couple of our walks and then I could publish another chapter in my blog about the place. Since we did this walk a couple of times we also approached Westhaven from two different directions the first time we wandered down Curran St. That runs from Herne Bay down the hill towards the road that runs under the Harbour Bridge. It was a beautiful sunny day until we spotted the water with a heavy fog blanketing the bridge and the North Shore. That is until we walked under the bridge and the fog just disappeared giving us a clear view of the city behind all the boats moored at the Marina. You can admire the boats as you walk past