A Dethleffs Get Together | Licenced To Retire
Although it's a fast growing and relatively new brand Dethleffs still has a family feel about it with fellow campers often parking next too, or close to each other when at a campground often sharing stories or experiences with their vans. So when we arrived in Lumsden on our South Island tour and saw the Dethleffs van belonging to Fred and Christine we parked next door and introduced ourselves. We must have struck the right note with the two of them as they suggested that we join a small group of fellow Dethleffs Owners that they are members of. Although originally consisting mainly of members from Northland it has become more about friendship than about place of origin although it still retains the Northland feel. So when the invite arrived from Jackie and Rob for the next event to be held at the new NZMCA camp at Tokerau Beach the weekend after Queens Birthday and with itchy feet at home we were both keen to attend. The email list included 29 recipients making us think that it's not