Whangarei Heads | Licenced To Retire
It's amazing how quickly we got itchy feet after the we returned from the South Island so the chance to get away again and join a gathering of fellow Dethleffs owners in Northland was too good an opportunity to pass up. Despite the winter and worry about sodden campgrounds I managed to convince Sarah that we would find some nice places to stay and promised that a high pressure weather system was coming and it would be fine. After rain on Monday and Tuesday and looking fairly gloomy Wednesday I wasn't feeling so confident of fine weather coming but we headed away regardless with rain following us the whole way North. The plan was to check out the Waipu Caledonian Park for the first night as we had heard some really good things about the place. Sadly upon our arrival the camping area was roped off but we wouldn't have parked there anyway as it was far to muddy and boggy. We decided that we would move on towards Whangarei but first I wanted to try and catch up with Janice and Steve. I