The Best Of The South Island | Licenced To Retire
After four months travelling round the South Island it certainly left an impression on both of us. So before we head away again and before Alzheimer's takes over I thought it was time to jot down what we thought were the best places we visited. Those that we would consider a must see or do. The best of's are in no particular order and are just some of the highlights that we experienced along the way. Otago Central Rail Trail Done to death, I know but there is a reason so many people take part in this activity and that's because it is just such a great thing to do. With each days ride offering stunning scenery and mostly clear blue skys it's something we will definitely do again. Meeting up with our new friend Brian in Middlemarch It took seven days to complete the trail with us effectively riding it in both directions. As we needed to ride forward then return to the motorhome then move the motorhome forward and repeat the process. The scenery was amazing the weather fantastic and the