The Long Drive Home | Licenced To Retire
With the wind having died away the following morning (refer previous blog) it was now safe to make our way out of French Pass with no fear of being blown over the edge and down one of the steep banks that flank this very narrow road. Not long after we got underway the heavens decided to leak liquid sunshine at first with only a few drops, then a bit later someone tipped out the swimming pool from upstairs drenching the road. It was at this point that Sarah and I decided that with the weather really beginning to turn and having already had the motorhome stuck twice in muddy campgrounds that sadly it was time to depart the South Island. The road from French Pass to the State Highway is only 70 kms but with the rain and the narrowness of the first 22kms (mostly gravel road) it's a 90 minute drive. Thankfully we met no traffic on any of the tight corners and it was a fairly easy drive. I cannot imagine driving this road at Christmas it would be a nightmare trying to find somewhere to pull