French Pass Part Two | Licenced To Retire
Heading back down the hill after the morning walk (prefer previous blog) back towards the camp we managed to sneak this view of the motorhome sitting there in it's prime beachfront spot. I must say that some of the camps we have stayed at have had fairly boring outlooks so to have a view like this is a huge bonus. Running into "no hurry Murray" on our return to the camp he asked us if we enjoyed our walk and then proceeded to let us know about an unofficial pathway through the farm at the other end of the bay. So with our legs still full of energy after the earlier walk (refer previous blog) we headed off back down the bay in search of this second unofficial track. It's actually quite hard to find the start of the track with Murray saying lookout for the water trough, easier said than done when it's hidden behind grass that's grown all over it. As is usual with our walks the path starts off with a nice clear formed track through the pine trees as it rose along the cliff edge heading