French Pass Part One | Licenced To Retire
After leaving the quagmire that was the camp in Motueka it was time to head towards the Marlborough Sounds to explore an area we had heard so much about but had never seen. After consulting the trusty Travel Directory it was obvious that you can stay at a number of DOC camps throughout the sounds with Elaine Bay and French Pass the closest and if we got sick of driving then we could stay at the POP in Okiwi Bay. Turning off the main highway at Rai Valley the road initially runs through some really nice farms, at this time of the year it was just a sea of green grass on both sides of the road. Then however the road narrows heading uphill in what seems like a never ending corner as it works it's way through native bush towards the top of the hill. It was just as well it's a fairly quiet time of the year as we took the cautious approach. Reaching the top of the hill suddenly you are rewarded with the stunning vista above and our first glimpse of the Sounds. The road follows the ridge for