A Grand Opening | Licenced To Retire
We had stayed at the new NZMCA camp in Motueka a couple of weeks after it opened for a few days and really enjoyed our time there. During our time at the camp various members of the local committee where coming and going looking at various things around the camp as well as speaking to the campers to gain feedback. It was during this time Sarah and I heard about the tree planting together with the grand opening to be held the following Saturday. We have been members of the association since 2002 during this time I regret to say that we have never been to a rally or been involved in any activity to do with the association except for taking advantage of the discounted offers and using the DOC pass each year so together we decided that it was time to give back and help out with the tree planting. So after our trip to Farewell Spit we crossed back over the Takaka Hill to Motueka. The first time I crossed this hill I wrote about how scary I found the drive it's funny how your perspective