Farewell Spit | Licenced To Retire
Before we left Port Tarakohe we had checked out the departure times for the Farewell Spit tour as it's tide dependent we wanted to ensure that we could depart at a reasonable hour. With the weather forecast for Friday not good (they ended up cancelling it) and us having plans for Saturday, Thursday was the day we had chosen for the tour. Arriving in Collingwood to book the tour we discovered the office closed for a couple of hours but just as we where about to walk away one of the staff walked through a door at the back spotted us and let us in. Although he couldn't process the booking he did tell us all about the tour and proceeded to tell us that we should head today to the beach at Wharaiki as the tour didn't go there. The office lady would then call us on her return. When we where in the top of the South earlier this year we never made it as far as Farewell Spit. We reached the end of the sealed road at Puponga and I chickened out being worried about the ability of my front wheel