Pohara to Totaranui | Licenced To Retire
After five terrific days at the new NZMCA camp in Motueka it was time to move on for both ourselves as well as our neighbours and friends Adrian and Sally who were headed to the NZMCA camp at Port Tarakohe. Sarah and I had always planned on going to Totaranui so each of us was to set off in the same direction but with a different destination in mind. We have been on the road now for just over three months meaning I was overdue for a blood test. Having left the form back at home in Auckland I managed to get our son who still lives at home, minding the place, to email me the form. Then I went into the blood test centre in Motueka and the lady was able to print out the form from my forwarded email and then do the test. She then told me the results would be at Auckland Hospital that afternoon. The wonders of modern technology. It's also great to know I didn't have to go back to Auckland just for a blood test. Needing to stock up on a few things before heading to Totaranui we headed to the