Murchison to Motueka | Licenced To Retire
With our walk up part of the Heaphy Track completed. We decided that we would visit the famous arches at Oparara the following morning. Waking up to the sounds of helicopters buzzing the camp I set out to investigate to discover a deer that had been shot hanging below one of the choppers which was then dropped into the back of the hunters ute and he was away with his prize. I know these aren't great photos as it all happened so quickly and I was a little far away but if you look closely you can see the helicopter with the deer hanging from it. 4 kms up the road from the camp is the turn off for the Oparara Arches however there is a big sign at the start of the road stating that it's not suitable for campervans, or towing vehicles so we decided not to risk it and decided to head towards where we were set to spend the next night freedom camping at Little Wanganui. However after driving down the road that follows the river to the beach we arrived to find a muddy/sandy mess. I tried to