Reefton and the Surrounds | Licenced To Retire
It's not exactly one of those places that makes you think Wow! I must visit there but like a lot of the little towns we have found in the South Island there is so much more to Reefton than first meets the eye. We had stopped just off the main street with a view to grabbing a few supplies from one of the local shops and then moving on. But as is often the case in small towns no sooner had Sarah stepped out of the motorhome than a couple of the locals just passing by struck up a conversation, turns out they were also motorhomers and after telling us all about the must see's in town told us about the Reefton Racecourse a CAP (#6531) at the princely sum of $2 per person per night with fresh water but no toilets or dump station. It's also only about 600 metres from the main street so very handy to town. After a quick drive down the road we decided that we would park up at the Racecourse while we at least investigated the area. So we dragged the bikes out of the garage area and set off up