Tekapo to Mt. Cook | Licenced To Retire
Once we had the campervan settled it was onto the bikes for a ride around the lake to explore the area. It really is good the amount of money that has been spent on forming these tracks around the country as it allows those like us to feel safe from the large trucks that are thundering past on the roads whilst peddling at our leisure exploring. The ride along the lake is really an easy ride with no need to use the electric capacity of the bikes as it follows the lake shore. There were so many photo chances along the way that it really was a stop go ride. We stopped at the brand new 4 Square store to purchase an ice cream a great reward on a hot sunny day. I must have taken thousands of shots over the years of sunrise and sunset but missed the best shots of the sunset at Tekapo as it set through the trees and across the lake hopefully you get the idea though. There are some much better shots to come later in the blog from Lake Ohau. When we first arrived in Tekapo we stopped near the