A Cliff Hanger | Licenced To Retire
From Sumner towards the DOC camp at Godley Head (#7544) we headed into the hills on a very steep and narrow road, thankful that the road was quiet so we could travel slowly and admire the scenery. Rounding one of the many corners we came across a sign that said "Road Closed" thinking this was not right and with nowhere to turn around anyway we carried on. It turned out that the closed road was the side road to Lyttelton that had been damaged in the quake, maybe better signage is in order. If we thought the road was narrow before then things got a whole lot worse as we passed the closed road. The road markings vanished and it became little more than a one lane country road that hugged the cliff every upwards with a precipitous drop on the left hand side needless to say I hugged the right hand side of the road. Blind corners appeared on a regular basis and despite sounding the horn we where very scared of meeting someone coming the other way. Thankfully the two times we did meet on