Kaikoura to Christchurch | Licenced To Retire
Leaving Ward Beach we headed south along State Highway 1 the closer we got to Kaikoura the more obvious the extent of the damage to the road caused by the quake. With a number of areas where the road was down to one lane as it passed areas where the cliff faces where being secured. It was almost as though every road worker was told to wave at campervans it made it really friendly. Having arrived in Kaikoura around midday Monday we made for the dump station in South Bay. Joining the queue for the dump it was obvious that there must be a few motorhomes in town as we've never been fourth in a queue before. Once empty we parked up in the reserve to take it the views. Moving onto the NZMCA camp at the Trotting Track (#7172) (apologies for quality of photos) we arrived around 1pm to discover the camp almost full, we did however manage to squeeze into a spot on the side of the driveway. Later on that afternoon and late into the evening vans arrived without space available, driving off who