An unexpected journey | Licenced To Retire
Day one proper in the South Island dawned with blue skies a good omen for our trip I thought to myself. After breakfast and a few chores around the van it was time to get the E Bikes out and head into town for some advice on the bike rails around Blenheim from the Information Centre a short 1 km ride from Reta's (CAP# 7034) and at the end of the road. Putting the batteries into the bikes we encountered a problem with Sarah's bike with the E part of the bike not working. A consult with Dr. Google suggests counting the number of times the red light is flashing rather than staying constant. Instant answer replace the controller. That's great we brought the bike in Auckland! So a phone call to the Electric Bike Hub in Auckland where I spoke to Morris who said no problem we can get it looked at down there but best of all if you can call Jase in Nelson he is the distributor for NZ and I am sure he can sort it for you. A quick call to Jase resulted in a Plan to bring the bike to Nelson the