26 Years Later | Licenced To Retire
In 1990 When our oldest son was three months old Sarah and I did a very fast 17 day grand tour of the South Island and ever since we brought our first motorhome we have been wanting to return for an extended tour. However pressures of the business and various other excuses have always prevented us from returning. So with the business sold last year and the new motorhome purchased it was time to start planning the trip. If you have been following my blogs you will know that we have spent time in Northland and Coromandel and in these places we have spent time talking to lots of people who had stories to tell about their time in the South and places that we must visit. The one thing almost all of them said was head south in late January it's the best time to go, so that's the plan we made. The house needed painting and we spent the last 5 weeks sanding and painting and with that finished nothing was left to hold us back. Our son James is going to be home to look after the pets, water the