7 Days in Pururi Bay | Licenced To Retire
How boring you might think to keep going back to the same spot. The reason you own your campervan is so that you can go exploring and in most cases you would be right. But this time we wanted to have a holiday before the mad rush we didn't want to be driving from place to place with all the holiday traffic starting to hit the roads. So being the boring couple that we are we set off last Friday to the place we love the most Pururi Bay. Every time over the hill at the entrance to the camp we wonder how full the camp is going to be, and to be honest we expected it to be pretty full this time and we where not disappointed with almost every beachfront spot taken. We had however reserved ours and it was good to see that it was sitting there vacant for us. Last time we where here we parked on right hand side of the pohutukawa tree on the north side of the camp and this time it was to be the left. So no problems as long as the tree does not obstruct the satellite receiver was the