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One of my friends posted about this photo that it was a nice photo of a creature and a good looking fish, I had to laugh when I realised just how wild I looked but it was a good snapper at 54cm and caught whilst I was on the phone to my son James with the rod in the holder ,next minute, got to go there's a fish on the line. Well and truly worth hanging up for. Friday morning and feeling energetic I suggested to Sarah that we should continue my training to become a mountain goat and take a walk up the hill to the trig station behind the camp. it starts off with a stroll up the hill behind the campground and over to Admirals Bay where Camp Kiwi is located. from there it's a walk through the bush getting ever and ever steeper. Above is a photo taken in Feb 2017 of me at my unfit-est and two months after Chemo finished so proud to have made it to the top after having almost given up a couple of times. This time and with a little less weight and a lot more hair I made it up the steep part