Puriri Bay | Licenced To Retire
Sarah and I have been coming to Pururi Bay for around 16 years now and for the last 6 or 7 years whilst I have been stuck at work it's the only place we ever came too, guaranteed phone signal, good fishing and great camp managers made it just the place to visit. So after a few travels we have decided to return. It's a great DOC camp right on the water inside a safe harbour and with no road between you and the beach it's such a pleasant place to stay. The drive into the camp is about an hour from State Highway 1 along a rather windy hilly road and this time we got stuck behind a couple of tourists driving along at 35km with nowhere to pass, most frustrating. But once you get here it's well and truly worth it. Obviously when you have been coming to a place for a number of years you get to know the other regulars and despite the fact that we usually visit in Feb/March we have been amazed at how many people we know that are here at the moment, including a real surprise with Andrew and