On the road to nowhere | Licenced To Retire
Sunday morning we had decided to leave Manganese Point and continue on to other places in and around Whangarei, we had however not taken notice of the warning signs at the entry to the camp site warning large vehicles and also front wheel drive vehicles about road conditions and after a rain storm Saturday night the road conditions where not great and we failed to get up the hill 3 times. the traction control was going crazy and the wheels where just spinning. Thankfully another camper who had arrived with his caravan and 4WD offered to tow us out, somewhat embarrassing but the tow hook was connected and he pulled us up the driveway. The bottle of wine offered in payment was refused so an extra glass of us tonight. What a nice man. From Manganese Point we decided to proceed to Pataua South and the Treasure Island Camping ground. And what a treasure it has turned out to be, only $25 for the night for the 2 of us with power, water and a dump station. Finding a dry spot was not easy but