Mini-Reefs: Artificial Marine Habitats
Last year’s exte ded red tide seriously depleted fish stocks a d mari e vegetatio i our bays a d waterways. A o -profit orga izatio called Ocea Habitats builds a product desig ed to help mari e life recover a d to improve water quality. Their “mi i-reefs” are desig ed to serve as a habitat for creatures like mussels, sea squirts a d oysters a d to provide shelter for small fish a d mari e creatures. The idea is to create a e viro me t with small ooks a d cra ies that mimics ma grove roots. Mi i-reefs look a bit like a mi i parki g structure with multiple horizo tal layers separated by short posts a d ropes. Each mi i-reef module is approximately 2’ high by 2’ deep by 3’ across. The primary material used is stabilized plastic that has bee prove ot to break dow i [...]