Why Working Harder and Hustling is NOT the Answer
There is an obsession and romanticism with hustling and working harder and I call bullshit on it!⁣⁣It isn’t about working harder, doing more, or having to feel like you are hustling every damn day. ⁣⁣✧ It’s about working SMARTER. ⁣⁣✧ Focusing on your highest PRIORITIES. ⁣⁣✧ Doing less things but BETTER. ⁣✧ Being FOCUSED. ⁣⁣✧ Keeping things SIMPLE.⁣⁣✧ Actually FINISHING something instead of just being busy. ⁣⁣✧ Ensuring your are OPTIMIZING everything you are doing.⁣ ✧ Making your business LEAN.⁣ ⁣Do I work hard? Yes! Most people describe me as the hardest working person they know, BUT I have moved past wearing that like a badge of honor. I am consistently focused on working SMARTER within the time I do have, and I love helping my coaching clients to do the same. ⁣⁣Why? Because when I work 18 hour days every single day, I burn out. I forget to make self care a priority. I feel like I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy. Or visit with my friends and family. Can you relate?⁣⁣That random bright shiny object someone just told me about? Sure, I will just stay up an hour later tonight to work on it. I am a hard worker. I hustle. This is just what we do for our businesses. Sleep deprivation is to be expected when you are running a business. Right?⁣⁣WRONG!!⁣⁣It has taken me a while to change that story for myself and I know it is something so many of my clients struggle with. ⁣ I would love to hear, is this something you struggle with? Or how have you started working SMARTER instead of HARDER?⁣I think it all starts when we stop romanticizing hard work and hustling and stop feeling like we aren’t a “real entrepreneur” if we don’t. ⁣⁣By setting boundaries and WORK WITHIN THEM instead of adding “just one more thing.”⁣ XX And if you need help with it, I have a select number of 45 minute coaching intensives available each month.