The Right Kind of Change for Your Business
Are you focused on the right kind of change in your business?⁣ If you want to keep growing, change is required. But one of the mistakes I often see people make? And one that I repeatedly made myself when first starting my businesses is… ⁣⁣Making big revolutionary changes too often or too fast, especially when evolutionary change is what is needed instead.⁣⁣Not letting things run for long enough to know if they are truly working before moving on to something else.⁣ ⁣Some of the best performing content I have ever created, I created years ago. From a YouTube video that I forgot I even posted that now has over 800,000 views, to blog posts I wrote for businesses I have long since closed or rebranded.⁣⁣My best selling jewelry designs are some of the signature pieces I launched Criscara with. My most requested and impactful coaching programs are the ones I have been offering for almost 2 decades.⁣⁣Are they exactly the same as when I started? No. I have continued to grow and evolve them, to build off of the valuable feedback received, and the shifts in myself and my brand as I have grown.⁣⁣But, I used to launch something and then as soon as the launch was over, I was on to the next thing. Making big revolutionary changes. It was when I focused instead on evolutionary change that I started to see really long lasting results.⁣⁣If you have been thinking about retiring or completely reimagining one of your products or services, or even your whole business, consider making smaller evolutionary changes instead. XX⁣