The Most Important Thing You Can Create In Your Business
As a creative, one of the most important things you can create is SPACE.⁣⁣Because we love to create, and it is often our zone of genius, it fuels us, motivates us, keeps us inspired, we create, create, create. But that can also lead to too much. ⁣⁣Too much work, too much overwhelm, too much “stuff” – physical, digital, and mental. ⁣⁣Which eventually leads to losing our creative spark. When you find yourself trying and trying to create but things just don’t feel quite “right”. Things don’t feel like your best work. ⁣⁣Which can lead to lack of motivation, lack of productivity, and slipping into an overall “funk”.⁣⁣I have seen this again and again with the all of the creatives I have worked with over the years, and have experienced it myself. So what do you do?⁣⁣ YOU CREATE SPACE.⁣ Create space in your schedule.⁣ Take on less things at once. ⁣ Build in blocks of free time.⁣ Cut non-value-add activities. ⁣ Finish things that are in progress. ⁣ Delegate or outsource things you don’t enjoy.⁣ Make the time to be fully creative without distraction.⁣ Create space in your office / workshop. Clean, organize, 5S your space.⁣ Eliminate distractions.⁣ Create space in your mind. Make self care and you-time a priority.⁣ Relax and recharge.⁣ How do you create space??