Secret Inland Empire 2019 - Getting to here
Where exactly is the Inland Empire? Rather than answer that question, this book attempts to share a picture of the IE based on its shared values, experience, and culture. Lines on a map offer little useful information. Borders are merely choices, and this book chooses to ignore those and instead cast a wide net to capture creative cultural expressions as diverse as people of the IE. If, however, you prefer geographic maps over philosophical ones, consider the Inland Empire to include Riverside and San Bernardino counties—and maybe a step or two beyond. Where is the Inland Empire? Where you least expect it. What does the Inland Empire offer? For starters, mountains with hundreds of trails for hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. And deserts holding some of the IE’s oldest artifacts and plenty of its wonderful artistic creations. Our national parks and preserves will ensure that what’s offered now will be available for future generations, too. Working behind the scenes, IE scientists are literally saving endangered species, while engineers continue to tinker and invent contraptions that sometimes confound, but often improve living conditions around the world. Who are these people? They’re the Native Americans who settled these lands thousands of years ago, as well as the Indians who were forced here. They include the Californios and Americans, as well as immigrants from Central and South America, and Europe. The promise of health and wealth and security in the Golden State attracted the industrious, the creative, the far-out, and the weary. This place called to them, and they responded by moving here, dragging friends along