Cheat Sheet: Your 10-Step Guide to Getting Started on Twitter  | Key West Web Design Search Engine Optimization
If you didn't set up your Twitter account in 2006, it's easy to feel behind the times. Even if you registered "the perfect handle", using social media correctly requires strategy. For celebrities or charismatic bloggers, it doesn't require much for people to engage. What if you're a niche company or have specific messaging? How do you get people to care? 1. Ask yourself first, why do you care? Before you create any marketing approach, decide why you want to promote. Do you want to converse with your audience? Maybe you'd prefer a more diverse group of people. Or perhaps you want to collaborate with specific groups within your industry. If you have a clear sense of what you're doing, it will show in your actions. For several years I worked in the parenting and lifestyle industry blogging for several platforms under one company. We had 10 employees. Now, I am working at an organization that has over 200! However, some of the same rules apply even though the industry and size of company