5 Smart Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Cyber Threats | Key West Web Design Search Engine Optimization
As the most popular content management system of all time, WordPress has ushered in a new age of web development. Rather than relying on sheer coding skills, anyone today can build a fully functional website with pre-made themes, plugins, and a dash of patience. WordPress also made sure these "building blocks" are readily available in one place, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient web development workflow. Unfortunately, this unparalleled ease of use has its own downsides. As WordPress users become accustomed to having tools that help them overcome challenges, some of them may overlook the importance of actually learning the conventions of building and managing a website. This includes keeping a website secure from the plethora of cyber threats. The good news is, WordPress security isn't exactly rocket science. You just need to know the best practices that can protect your website from security breaches. Here are 5 proven cybersecurity tips that will protect your WordPress