What's The Most Expensive App You've Ever Downloaded? | KSP Technology - Regina, SK
Did you know the iTunes app store used to limit the price of an app to $999.99? Surprisingly, there are now some apps that cost that much AND people actually downloaded them. There are many apps in that price range that have NEVER been downloaded – no surprise there. In our search for the most expensive app, we found only one over the ever so popular threshold of $999.99. Read on to find out which one! Top 6 most expensive apps in the iTunes store CyberTuner – a $999.99 app that has 64 reviews. Cyber Tuner is for piano tuners, an amazing tool that you can bring with you, where you go now that it's on your phone. MobiGage NDI - a $999.99 app that is used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. Even factories are getting into the 21st century with making factory maintenance a task done on ones mobile phone. No longer are expensive salaried employees kept around to test the plant, a general manager can do it from his or her iPhone. QSFFStats - a $999.99 app that