Spice Up Your Life | Kristie Finnan, RDN, LDN
We use spices everyday while we’re cooking to add a little flavor and punch to classic dishes. By adding different spices to your foods, not only are you adding a tasty twist, but you could also be adding health benefits to your meal. Different spices can help combat disease and boost our bodies’ functions. What's the deal with ginger? Suffer from motion sickness? Ginger largely helps us in reducing nausea caused by motion and shortens recovery time after experiencing motion sickness. It helps if you consume the ginger before being exposed to the motion sickness, as well as after. What about morning sickness? As with motion sickness, increasing your intake of ginger can really help ease the feelings of morning sickness. Another interesting feature of ginger is that it can help combat the feelings of nausea caused by chemotherapy. In this situation, it is recommended to take 250 mg of ginger powder twice a day. Beyond anti-nausea benefits, ginger can also serve as an antioxidant.