Fender Celluloid Pick Review | KrisPicks
This is the pick that started it all… It is the pick I first used when I started playing guitar. Actually, it was more like trying to play the guitar and making plenty of noise. I know I drove my Mom crazy. Pick Specs: Gauges: Thin, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Material: Celluloid Shape: Regular/351 Tip: Rounded Price: About .50¢ a piece or $6.00 for a 12 pack I think it is safe to say every music store that sells guitars sells Fender picks, so you can get these quite easily at any music/guitar store. They are inexpensive, and the celluloid material is quite soft. These picks wear down quickly and the thin and medium gauges tear quite easily. I used these picks because everyone else was using them at the time. Hey, I didn't know any better, and Randy Rhoads used a Fender Medium. That was good enough for me! Nor was there the huge selection of picks in the late '70's early 80's like there is available to us today. I used the medium gauge for several years. When I went away to