WOMEN'S TWO BLOCK HAIRCUT for LONG HAIR - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past months, you’ve all heard of The Two Block Haircut trend that’s raging on… but did you know there’s a women’s two block haircut as well? You might be thinking, “Well, yeah. It’s the same style as the two block haircut for guys.” Well, not quite. We’re talking about a two block haircut for long hair. So if you don’t want to cut you’re hair short, this hairstyle would be perfect for all you ladies! In a women’s two block haircut, the hair in front is cut short while the hair in the back is kept long. The style can be split into two different categories : a bold two block and a more natural two block style. A Bold Women’s Two Block Haircut A Bold Women’s Two Block Haircut In this two block haircut, there is a clear difference in length, making it easy to distinguish as a two block hairstyle. CELEB INSPIRATIONS: Korean Actress Lee Min Jung from Kdrama : Cunning Single Lady Korean Actress Yoon Joo Hee in Kdrama : Iris 2 Apink – Bomi Apink – Bomi A lot of the celebrities shown here emphasize their two block hairstyle by pulling all their long hair back. A Natural Women’s Two Block Haircut A Natural Women’s Two Block Haircut This hairstyle is much more natural and blurs the line between two block haircut and layered haircut*. HAIR INSPIRATIONS: Korean Model Hair Design Studio Korean Actress Kim Ah Joong With these styles, now even girls can take part in the two block hair trend! *RELATED: For More Pixie Cut Hairstyles – The Pixie Cut For More Layered Hairstyles – AOA Mina’s Layered Cut in Bing Bing MV The Wavy Layered Cut –> UP NEXT: AOA SEOLHYUN’S DRESS FASHION