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Fedora hats have been around for while, and its recently started kicking up in the latest trends, especially among guys. Trendsetters in the male fashion industry make it a point to accessorize, and fedoras are many of their favorite choices. So what exactly is a fedora? Well, it’s defined as “a felt hat with a wide brim and indented crown, with a crease/pinch near the front on both sides.” You’ll see that all of the Vixx fedora fashion looks will support this definition, although the shape and locations of the “pinched” fabric may differ. Leo The cold (seeming) ‘ice prince‘ of Vixx receives love for his widespread fashion identity, and you’re bound to see unique pieces on him everytime! Source: Twitter Who says all fedora hats have to be black and boring? Leo wears a red fedora that has a black rim, bringing a little pop to the eyes of fans~ Source: Twitter While most fedora hats are made of felt or a similar fabric, Leo surprised onlookers with this mesh fabric fedora during his visit to the airport. This hat is suited for casual, everyday wear with its two adorable statement ‘buttons’. Source: Twitter This mesh fedora is actually from the company HAT’S ON! which is basically the LIDS of Korea. You can find this style and more Vixx fedora fashion hats on their website HERE. N Source: happyNding Surprisingly, this cute outfit was actually worn by N during the dark and brooding ‘Voodoo Doll‘ promotions. This thin-rimmed, grey fedora is paired nicely with a bowtie, tying up this cute, ‘nice-guy’ outfit. Source: Vingle Source: Sporcle Who can forget this fedora hat worn by N during ‘Error‘ ? In the first picture, taken during an interview with Maxim, N pairs the fedora with a dark button up and leather jacket for a more streetwear-fashionista aura, while the last photo shows it being paired with a classic white shirt for a calmer, angelic look. Still fashionable, of course~ Hongbin Making a breakthrough as the second lead in the Kdrama: Moorim School, it seems Hongbin’s fashion has stepped up even higher~ Source: Pinterest Hongbin’s fedora fashion is the epitome of college campus fashion. It’s very ‘adult‘ but casual enough to wear to classes and formal enough for you to look ‘more than presentable‘. Source: Issue Daily This black fedora is paired with a more casual attire. Notice the black and white contrasts really blend well with the wide rimmed fedora.. Ken Vixx’s Ken likes to create new outfit looks using casual pieces, which is why his fedora fashion is very comfort friendly! Source: Kfashionista This fedora look is glowed up with the help of accessories and statement designs, including those beige shades and the colorful butterfly pieces on his sweater. Color, color, color can always spice up an outfit~ Source: Pinterest This is my favorite of the Vixx fedora fashion looks, as it’s unique to Ken’s own style. The brim of the fedora is decorated with beautiful lettering, adding on a special flair to the hat. Ken’s graphic T-shirt also brings these designs into focus, creating a very Ken-like, artsy and comfy outfit. Ravi While after that horrible hat choice in ‘Error‘ he was labeled by many as a fashion disaster, Ravi has good, even excellent, fashion moments as well! Source: Joins With this pirate-inspired style, accessories are a must. While the gold bracelets, studded belt, and sharp necklaces glitterize the look, the black fedora brings on a formal, ‘fit-for-a-star’ aura to this red carpet. Source: Dispatch Now this is probably the Ravi we’re used to. Different, but appealing in a strange way. This all-black outfit is fitting for the rapper’s Bomb stage presence, and best of all the fedora and hoodie pairing shows us just how trendy Ravi is. Hyuk This maknae is no maknae anymore! (We’ve probably all confirmed this through Vixx’s ‘Chained Up’ MV) His fashion choices are even more mature than his hyungs! Source: Twitter Reminded of Goblin*, anyone? Fit for preppy everyday and more formal occasions, the Double Sweater Trend paired with a flared fedora is for sure a YASSS! Source: enews24 This classic never gets old. Black fedora and white T-shirt, with a few but minimal matching accessories shows us just how far a fedora can up the level of your fashion game. *RELATED: For More Vixx – Vixx’s Choker Fashion Ken’s Two Block Haircut For More Hot Idol Fashions – BTS ‘Not Today’ Bomber Jackets Block B’s Retro Kitsch Fashion for ‘Yesterday’ Ikon Fashion Favorites For More Goblin Fashion – ‘Goblin’ Men’s Fashion Trend –> UP NEXT : SEVENTEEN HOSHI’S HAIRBAND LOOKS