Two-Block Haircut
I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard of the two-block haircut, a popular men’s hair trend. Today we’ll dive deeper into the hairstyle and its characteristics. Scroll down for the numerous Korean idols and actors who’ve been into this look. WHAT IT IS: A style where the sides and lower back of hair is shaved or cut very short/thin, while the crown hair is left longer. This style emphasizes the hair on your crown, and has the effect of making your face look longer. Passing by on the street, in the latest fashion magazines, or on your favorite celebrities; wherever you go, you will always see young Asian men with this favored hairstyle. You could say that all the Asian hairstyles for guys trending now originates with the two-block cut. This haircut is very versatile, giving you the choice of keeping the fringe straight, or curling it for a young, hipster vibe. You will see many idols dying their fringe and crown hair different colors, allowing for a unique look. LONG TWO-BLOCK CUTS: In this style, the hair on the crown is kept at a longer length, allowing you many more variations of styles. Long Two-Block Haircut Long Two-Block Haircut Medium Two-Block Haircut Korean Celebrities with This Style: Winner’s Nam Tae Hyun Winner’s Mino Big Bang’s TOP SHORT TWO-BLOCK CUTS: A style where the crown hair is cut a bit shorter than the long two-block cut. It gives off a clean-cut look. Of course, there is limited styling, but it looks very natural, perfect for everyday. Short Two-Block Haircut Korean Celebrities with This Style: Jay Park Korean Actor Lee Jong Suk SHINee’s Key A hairstyle phase that every Kpop idol goes through, the two-block cut has become so popular among Asian men that it’s beginning to seep into cultures from all over the world! This haircut is very popular for a number of reasons. It’s easy to maintain, suits different face-shapes, and quick to style. Did you know that there’s even a two block hairstyle for girls?! CHECK OUT: Women’s Two Block for Long Hair Fiery Red Two Block Hair for Girls *RELATED: For More Two Block Haircut Styles – The Clean Two Block Haircut The Clean-Cut Pomade VIXX Ken’s Two Block Hair GOT7 Bambam’s Unbalanced Two Block Haircut SMTM5 Simon D’s Two Block Haircut NCT Johnny’s Hairstyles –> UP NEXT: PARK BO GUM’S HAIRSTYLES