Park Bo Gum's Hairstyles - Kpop Korean Hair and Style
Having recently announced the dates of his Asia Fan Meeting tour*, young actor Park Bo Gum is a rising star in the world of Hallyu. He’s recently shot to stardom with his Kdrama : Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, starring opposite Kim Yoo Jung. His popularity has increased after being seen with the latest *hot* trend: the comma hairstyle. Here we will showcase Korean actor Park Bo Gum’s hairstyles over the course of many Kdramas and appearances. Source: Elle Korea ALL-DOWN HAIR: Park Bo Gum is wearing the signature Asian bowl-cut here, but still pulls it off flawlessly! The angled cut of his bangs gives this signature haircut a new flare. Here we see the Moonlight Drawn By Clouds star with a cute, curly cut. This look can be achieved with the help of a straightener, or go for the permanent solution: a perm! ALL UP HAIR: All up AND slicked back, this hairstyle is the epitome of a gentleman. A clean-cut look for all the handsome lads. This all-up style is all about volume. With a blow-out look, this hairstyle emphasizes volume and thick hair. The flicked ends of the hairstyle open up the actors handsome face so that it stands out all the more. PARTED HAIR: Park Bo Gum is wearing the middle part, which we’ve already raved about HERE